Will Of Steel-Smart Motivational Advertising(Video)

I have said it before and I will say this again. We as a species are swamped in consumerism and know what, we don’t even realize it. Do you know the reason, well it’s simply because the ones creating the ads and the people marketing it are smart as hell. While we enjoy the so-called entertainment media they work their asses off in studying consumer behavior, our psychology. They keep renewing the data and updating their arsenal so they can fool us better..

And motivation is such a tool that they incorporate. Although this technique has been used by them throughout the years to change the common man’s perspective. Yes, guys you heard it right “motivation” can also be used as a marketing tool. If it’s a motivational video you won’t even realize that it but, subconsciously your brain will be pumped with positive vibes and dopamine(it’s a fluid in the brain which contributes to motivation)), and whatever name/concept you see after the video will be perceived as positive and will leave an impression in your brain.

With that being said let’s look at an example that has caught my attention. The video advertisement of JSW Steel(this is a really interesting one guys), I have to admit it, if they actually planned this turn of events then that marketer is a genius.

Now the video is about Geetha Phogat, she was the first women to win a gold for India in wrestling at the common wealth games. And the majority of Indians did not know about her(including me) till recently when a movie was released based on her life story. And all of a sudden people started looking up to her as a motivational figure.

About a year ago JSW Steel made a video with her in it. It was a sarcastic trigger of which the audio contradicted with the visuals. And when you watch it you will be able to see it for yourself. It focuses on women empowerment as well(another nerve touching topic).

Up until the release of the movie Dhangal(click here to see the trailer)about her there were hardly any views on it(around 5000). But in just a matter of days in shot up to 1 million, now the real question that bothers me is that, did they actually plan this success or was it just a coincidence. What do you guys think?

Whatever it may be, the advertisement is really motivational and I recommend you to watch it, you won’t even realize it, but your subconscious will take care of it(especially if you have watched the movie). So now sit back and enjoy the video, it is inspirational and based on a true story. And I would recommend it to people all around the world(the damn movie mad me cry).


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  1. You have written this post beautifully and convincingly. You are definitely a master motivator yourself. Who can fail to be touched and moved by the way you have narrated this? Bravo!

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