Why I hate growing up?

Daily Blog #1


Hello friends,

I know that I haven’t been posting regularly for the past couple of months and believe me when I say this. It has been eating me alive. Each day I think about writing but something stopped me from pouring out my thoughts here (I think it was my own insecurities). I was in some kind of mental agony and was so focused on creating the perfect content, it held back my creativity.

So today as I was running in the morning I thought to myself “fuck it” screw the perfect article, what I should do is write as much as possible and see where its gonna take me. So I have decided to start a daily blog where I write whatever that comes to my mind.

I want to write daily but as you guys are already aware of “Never make a promise that you can’t keep”. This is a quote to live by. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past and it has taught me a lot of lessons. This is one of the most important ones.

We have a lot of catching up to do guys. I am almost at a crossover in my life and everything is going to change. And I will try to share it with you all as it happens. Oh boy, the coming months are gonna be nerve wracking.

Now as I was thinking about all this one thought really bothered me, why I hate growing up huh?

It’s not like I hate the entire aspect of growing up. Some parts are actually fun. The part I hate is the mental change we all go through while growing up. As kids, we were open to new ideas and thoughts. Always free to dream without boundaries, but as we grow up these start to change. We start to realize our limitations and 99% of us give up and face the reality that others have laid down for us.

As we grow up we start to see obstacles and most of our futures are decided at that moment by those who are around us. I am not saying this is the case with everyone, but sadly this is true for the majority.

So yeah, growing up sucks.

But as I always say complaining is never the solution. Suck up all your failures and use them to fuel your ambition. Go out and conquer the world.

Ok a guy, that’s it for today’s blog. If you like what I write please subscribe to get instant notifications.

This is Karthik Surya signing out…



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