What is happening to Apple?

Daily Vlog #2


I just saw the preview of the Samsung galaxy 8 and I should admit that they look absolutely amazing. The features and the new design looks fantastic. They have some new features in there and clearly, they have taken the game to the next level. Which makes me wonder, what is happening to the greatest innovating company ever “Apple”.

Since Steve Jobs death in 2011 apple has not been innovating much. They are just polishing old technologies and just going with the flow without taking any worthy risks. That’s¬†not the apple I am fond of, they are beginning to become the shadow of a once great company. And I hate it, I have loved apple since the beginning and I still do. And the only thing that is keeping Apple afloat is their loyal customer base and their premium branding.

But if this is to keeping going like this then soon the margins will drop. The brand that Steve Jobs created is keeping them going and he was all about taking chances and surprising the world. I still remember the day I first heard of an iPhone. I was literally awestruck and wished to buy one. And it did happen some years after that and every day I hold an apple product in my hand I feel proud.

But all I can do is wish for someone to hold apple by the balls and force it to start innovating again. A company that started by copying apple’s products has now taken the lead in the innovative field (although a couple of explosions happened here and there), they are taking the risks that you are too stubborn to take.

Tim Cook, you asshole when are you going to realize that you are disgracing that great man’s name and what he represented. For crying out loud the motto of apple is to “Think Different”. But why the heck is the fucking CEO of the apple not realizing that.

Now I know that poor Cook has his hands tied down from taking risks by the shareholders but, the coming year will be a turning point for Apple. If they refuse to accept the facts and face reality, their fall will start within no time.

But then again, even with all this, I am not planning to switch from apple yet. I am too attached to their ecosystem now. But it will change if you continue on this path.

Be stubborn I don’t care. Steve Jobs was stubborn too but know what. He had the balls to take risks. He always walked his talk.

Here, it’s all out, I just had to say it.

This is Karthik¬†Surya signing out…

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