What happend to your dreams?

Read this article with an emotionally open heart, this will change your life, otherwise, don’t bother.

Being rich is an illusion and making more money will make you happier is an even bigger one. Throughout the period of our entire life, we have been given wrong information, how to behave, how to speak, how to live. All those around us has been telling us how to live our life.

We are all fishes that are learning how to climb trees. Sad as it may seem, this is the reality, the hard truth. When we were kids we used to have all kind of dreams and a really positive outlook for the future. We believed in our hearts that we were meant to do great things.

But when, when did it all start falling down, how were our dreams broken, our wings fried and our spirit crushed. When did we become this living breathing piece of mass, who just want to live an ordinary life? When did we succumb to such a fake reality and made it our life?

I can remember how my friends used to be, they had such high hopes, but in a matter of years they have been hit hard by the societal stigma of mediocrity and they began to believe that, they have made a mistake and they will never recover from it and that it is too late for them.

Well, may these words be a wake-up call to all my readers who has abandoned their dreams and lost all hopes for the future.

People who have been leading an average life will always see you through the eyes of a struggling man. When I was a kid we used to play this game, where we would imagine a person to be crazy and look at him with that thought in our mind. And to be frank we just played it to have some laughs. But the scary thing was that. No matter who we looked at with those eyes, each person genuinely seemed to be crazy.

If you don’t believe me, just try it on anyone near you. Just think that the person you are looking at is crazy, believe it and watch them. See how they talk, how they walk and how they laugh.

This may sound childish to some but this is the sole reason that you are failing in your own life. Our perception of the world is tainted by our environment and it will not change unless you decide otherwise.

It might be your parents, your relatives, your colleagues, friends, teachers, look at their life. These are the people who are leading you to live an ordinary life. Just because they couldn’t do it, they believe with their whole hearts that you will not be able to do it too. And they will show you their life experience as a proof to ultimately make you believe that you are not worth it.

Just think about it, how many billionaires have you talked to? To the majority, the answer would be a big zero. That proves my point if you are a person who is in the company of ambitious people, who believe that they can make a difference. They will always help you unconsciously with their words. Just like the average man drags you down, they will push you up.

It’s all about mindset and who you believe in.

And I know what you guys are upset about. How the hell am I gonna find a billionaire to talk to? Well damn it guys, fuck you all. I want you to think out of the box here. It is obvious that to establish such a connection would be impossible to make with your current circumstances, so what are you gonna do about it. Before reading further think about the answer.

The solution is simple, it has been used by all the self-made billionaires and world leaders. They were just like us and managed to break out of the social cocoon. The secret has always been in front of you, but you never bothered to look.

The answer is to Read the books written by the greatest minds, billionaires, leaders etc.

To all my readers, this is the key to success. It is not possible for an average man to speak to such personalities. But we have something that is even better, their thoughts written on pieces of paper. With each line you read, you are getting more and more familiar with the thoughts of the greatest. Believe me guys; a lot of effort goes into writing down your thoughts. You must understand that each line you are reading has come from the brain of the genius that you admire.

Once you get the knowledge, share it and see how you get criticized for thinking differently and that will be the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life.

I hope that this helps guys.

This is Karthik Surya signing out…


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  1. This post is beyond awesome..I love what you said and how you said it…it resonates and you are preaching to the choir…thanks so much for sharing…I am “following” you… 🙂

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