The Sales Man With a Heart of Gold#Day7

As I was riding my bike the destination I had in mind was the Sea Bridge at Valiyathura(I have always wanted to jump off that bridge like the fishermen but never found the guts to do it, but one day I will). So on my way I saw a huge hoard of people moving towards Shanghumugham Beach and could hear people screaming in excitement. Curious got the better of me and made me park my bike near the sculpture of the Giant Naked Mermaid. Now I was walking slowly and was surprised to see the diversity of people present there. Men and women from all parts of the country and even some people from abroad where pouring in.

As I walked through the stone pavement I could see a huge stage at a distance(on the beach) and as I reached a bit closer I saw it. There was a signboard with the caption “International Film Festival of Kerala” and the festivities were just beginning. Instantly my excitement piqued and decided to spend rest of the day there. People came there to enjoy and the air was filled with positivity(my kind of place).


I stopped near the stage to see who was inaugurating such an event and to be frank I was disappointed and angry at the committee for selecting such a random bunch of people to be on stage for such an event. It included some politicians and some others who had absolutely no idea about the film Industry. They couldn’t even deliver a descent speech, their words were vague and concentrated more on misleading the people. I hate such a-holes, so i decided no to listen and started walking along the ocean side.

The sun was almost setting and I could see a lot of happy faces around me. I was enjoying the view and walking bare feet through the wet sand. There was a light breeze and the sound of the ocean mixed with the sound from peoples laughter was really soothing. I sat there for some time absorbing all these in and clicked some amazing pics too(which you are seeing throughout this post).


Now the sun had set and I was planning to go back near the stage.But at a distance I saw a really bright light and like a moth being attracted to a flame, I started walking towards it. When I reached close enough, what I saw was an man in this mid 50’s and his son selling children’s books and perfumes. It was a temporary night stall that you see at festivals, I went near it and browsed through their stuff.

From the entire stall there were just 3 books that was of readable standard for an adult and one of the books made me do something unexpected. It was “The Alchemist by Paul Coelho (guys this is one “the” best book I have ever read, It is one of my favorites and I recommend it to you. Just click the name and buy it from amazon, It would be worth spending the money over), The author of this book is some one I look up to for motivation. Suddenly I remembered the story of The Alchemist and decided to help the stall owner and his son.


Now I knew that he would say no If I asked him, so I just stood there talking to him about the autobiography of the youngest Nobel Price winner Malala, the name of the book being”I am Malala“. As I guessed he knew nothing about that book and from the looks of that book it seemed to be sitting on that stand forever.

Now a customer approached the stand and the owner went to talk to her and was telling her about the perfumes he had. She seemed like a genuine customer(from the dressing I would say someone who works as a journalist) but was about to leave, that was when I intervened and said, hello I am Karthik Surya, have we met before to which she said No. So I introduced my self and told her that she looked like a journalist(which she was not but she was a creative writer, close enough huh) and seemed like some one who would read a lot. To which she said yes.

I talked to her some more and got an Idea about her interests and told her about how the owner had the book I Am Malala and how she reminded me a lot about Malala. I talked some more on feminism and bottom line she brought the book for 350rs. The stall owner was dumbstruck and his son(who was 21 and had quit studies btw) had no words to say. He thanked me a lot and asked who I was, I introduced myself as the Business Development Manager of an IT firm and asked him whether I could help him a bit to make some sales. To which he agreed and was happy.

I joined the business around 6.00 and stayed their till 9.00pm. We had a sales spree like nothing he had ever seen before and was getting a bit insecure now(I knew that he was thinking why is this man helping me and what he would ask in return). The last thing on my mind was to make him uncomfortable so I talked to him a bit and put his mind at peace. I talked to his son and came to know that the kid was in fact not his biological son.

The kid was thrown out from his house by his step dad and the owner had adopted him. I felt proud to be helping some one with such a kind heart. I asked the kid about his educational qualification and he said that he had to quit school after 12th because he couldn’t afford it. I tried to understand his situation and guided him to take a degree of his choice and gave him the information that he needed.

The owner was now really happy but was still confused to why I was doing all this(but I was quietly observing the situation and was having fun, I could be a mean jerk sometimes). But as the time continued we were making sales like never before, I tried out almost all of the sales tools I studied in my MBA like AIDA Model5-P Sales Model etc and was actually enjoying it.

The owner also taught me a lot about street smarts and how to identify a prospective customer. I absorbed all he could offer and now one of my best friends came there( I had called him earlier and invited him to the festival), he was surprised at first to see me selling stuff there on the beach but since he knew me too well he blended into the situation immediately.

I introduced him to the owner as a psychology major doing his PG from Kerala University and introduced the owner as a person who was really important to me. The owner was really happy to meet him and was now talking from his heart. He told me that “it doesn’t matter how much wealth a person earns in his lifetime, He cannot take any of it with him when he dies and that it was some random acts of kindness that might help a person get to heaven“. He talked a lot about life philosophies.


One thing that he said was if a person cheat someone to get money then such kind of wealth will not remain in his hand, sure he will get momentary pleasure out of it but in the long run he will have to pay double the price(reminded me of he 200k cr case in Mumbai).

After that we were about to leave but the owner stopped me saying that I should not go empty handed from there and asked me what I wanted. I tried to respectfully decline the offer because I was not doing the deed for something in return. But he was persistent and handed over to me his collection of his perfumes and told me to choose any one that I liked. The gesture moved me and from the lot I chose the one with the smell of sandalwood(a memento i’ll keep forever).


He gave us his blessings and told me to come see him whenever I go there, to which I said yes and slowly started to walk away from the stall.

Now it was fun time and as we reached the stage a band named Urali was performing. They had some really catchy tunes and really long hair and beard(my friend was really envious and was telling me how he want to grow such a badass beard). We sat there till the show finished and left soon afterwards.


It was already 10.00pm and we were really hungry, we went to Zam Zam Restaurant(one one of the best places in Trivandrum to eat good food)  and ordered the Malabari Chicken and Chapati from their menu(one of my favorites). To finish it off we ordered the ball grape juice and it was “delicious”. A perfect ending to my perfect day, I thought.

We left the restaurant and slowly rode our bikes back home. In its entirety it was a day worthy of having an article written on its behalf.

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  1. The stories are about common people, those people whom we see in our daily life. These stories are teaching us to learn from each and every person present around us… and this is the best way to motivate everyone.

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