The New World Order

Since the last few days, all I could think is about the people around me. Now you might be thinking whats there to think about others. Yes, that’s exactly what the problem is, all day every day the only think that we focus on is our self( in a nutshell we are all self-centered) or at least that’s what my observation has shown me.

This might not seem important to you but this is the prime example in front of us that proves that our society is becoming more and more binary. We never even bother to think about what other people are feeling, be it a waiter at a restaurant or your own mother. We are so focused on our problems our achievements our life our kids our family that we forget about those around us, we forget that these are the people who work hard to make our lives easier and worth while living.

And I am afraid that if we follow this path then the time is not far when empathy will become just another story which mothers tell their kids to put them to sleep. If this nightmare should not come true then we must make a promise to our self today that we will start to care. To care about others, to care about the nature, to care about animals to care about the birds and every thing in this freaking universe that we always take for granted.

I know that is easier said than done and before I ask any of you to follow my instructions firstly I must implement it myself, as Gandhi once said “Be the change that you want to see in others” So to achieve that I have made a small plan. It’s really simple, what I am gonna do is every day after work I am going to go out and start a conversation with a complete stranger (who it does not matter). I’ll talk to him about anything that is under the stars and open up with that compete stranger and I’ll try my best to understand him and help him in finding his passion.

Oh boy just thinking about this experiment is giving me the chills. But a promise is a promise ill start beginning tomorrow and ill feed my daily adventure as blogs here so that any one can read and if at all possible learn something from my experience. If possible ill try to put some picture too.

As Harper Lee wrote in his book To Kill a Mocking Bird “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view-until you climb in his skin and walk around in it.

Well, know what that’s exactly what I am gonna do.

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  1. Great work..proud of u.. actually am waiting for this..something unique thing from u..ur writings resembles u..u did this.. ya..n we miss you

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