The Man who will die for his daughter#Day3

Life is like a game of snakes and ladders,only difference is that the people that take the easy ladders in life are…

Hello friends, I hope that all of you guys had a great day, if not don’t worry reading this will make your day better I promise. If not just yell at me, it always seems to work for my parents(dad if you are reading this I am just kidding don’t kill me). Today I was really busy but as usual, I wasn’t in the mood to work. So throughout the day I squeezed out time from my work and concentrated on writing (I wrote an article titled will there be a world war 3 if you want to know about it just click). If this goes on, soon I’ll be kicked out from work(that day is not far now lol), should I be worried, this writing is really infectious(I cant stop).


Any way as usual I left office and wanted to go some place new, and on my way I chose the best destination ever, The Museum (is a must visit if anyone plans to come to Trivandrum) which is the kind of place where a wide variety of people come,It has a big garden/park all around its premises and was constructed for some king in the past(huh what isn’t). From students to CEO’s people of all reach could be found here. Its like a gold mine filled with talented people (so basically its like a paradise for me).
I walked around the museum for quite some time looking for a person to talk. All I could find was couples(they always tend to irritate me) and Families. But as time passed it was getting darker and the crowd began to change, now people who where mature, middle aged and old age began to pour in. Most of them were alone so now it was getting hard for me to pick one at random, the all seemed interesting.

At the center of the park is this huge structure which the Royal Family made a long time ago for there entertainment purpose like dance, drama and other cultural art forms (the boring stuff). And every evening they play the radio there and surrounding the structure are benches where people could sit, relax and listen to Aakashavani. Its really a beautiful sight to behold.


So while I was walking around and saw a man sitting alone in a bench looking at the sky completely spaced out. So I went near him and asked if I could sit, he didn’t say anything and I almost felt him saying, its a free country dude do what you want. Let me just explain how he looked, he had a mustache like a broom, stomach which resembled a bean bag, legs of a chicken and he was in formal attire, I knew that he was in the corporate segment so I told him about my blog and why I was there. He said he was the Managing Director of *******(a really big public firm belonging to Kerala govt) and was sitting there to have some alone time to think. So me being the ass that I am, told him that you be alone at that corner and I’ll be alone at this corner so we could both be alone and still talk (well as usual my joke was horrible and he looked like he wanted to murder me).

Now in that short span of time, I narrowed in on his behavior and changed the topic, I asked him “you are thinking that I am really an ass who is irritating you isn’t it“. To which he said yes and started to laugh (now that he found funny huh, it has always fascinated me how a laugh changes a persons attitude). As I was cracking some inappropriate jokes and bringing down the barrier between us, suddenly a call came and he had to leave(and I worked so hard on this one too). Well now I was alone again and was thinking about calling it a day, I thought I’d take a final lap around the park. As I was about to finish my walk I saw him at a distance.

He was sitting on the staircase wearing a khadi shirt and a Kerala style dhoti, on his left hand was an evening newspaper and his eyes were fixed at a distance staring at a dim flickering light post. Something inside me told me to stop and I wanted talk to him. This time I didn’t hesitate, I directly went ahead and asked him are you alone chetta (elder brother in Malayalam), I called him brother even though he was around the same age as my father(oh god why do I always make things weird).


He said that he was alone and before he could say any thing more, I asked him whats new in the paper. To which he replied nothing new, and quickly I told him, you look like a politician  to which he said he was one but not anymore (the primary connection had been made) and I followed that up with, oh that’s really interesting can I talk to you for a bit. Within a short span of time we were talking freely (making a connection with anyone is a skill that you can also learn, please inform if you want to learn it).

I told him about my vision about how I wanted to change the world and make it a better place for our future generation. Most of the people would laugh at such a comment but for some reason he took it seriously and told me that for the past 6 years  he was coming to the park alone, sitting at the same place, reading paper and this was the first time that some one came up to him who genuinely wanted to talk ( those words really touched me because that’s all I have ever wanted,even the making this blog was to help, understand and to just talk to people). Soon after, he started to share with me a lot of his political history and the reason which made him quit.

He told me how each individual is selfish and how they use you as a stepping stone to reach success. “Money is just a piece of paper but how it influences people is remarkable”, It makes you forget the hard times and the people who helped you during the period (Not everyone though, there are still good people around us).

As our conversation continued I came to know that he was now working as a daily wage worker earning a small income and regretted a whole lot of things from his past. When he said that the only good thing that came out of his life was his daughter, it really touched my heart. He talked a lot about her, how he wants her to succeed in life and do all the things that he couldn’t. He was saving each and every bit of his earning only for her and often emphasized how much he loved her. I could literally see his eyes getting filled with excitement while talking about her.

As he was talking it suddenly struck me, at that moment even without asking him, I had found his passion. If you guys didn’t guessed it by now, his passion was his daughter. Now this might really sound great to you, but as I am about to explain, this is a really dangerous and tricky situation.

Karthik Analysis

In this situation He told me that his daughter wanted to become a doctor and took the entrance 2 times, she was unsuccessful. So they had her settle to be an Engineer instead, regardless of her passion(some of you smart asses have already realized where this is going right, good). As my life motto says always follow your passion otherwise it will lead to regret later in life. She knows how much love her parents have for her and how it would break there heart if she was not successful( always a big mistake). So she will accept what ever her parents think is best for her and the decision that her parents make will be influence heavily by the societal pressure (make my kid an engineer/doctor is the state anthem of Kerala since almost a decade now)

My Message for the world

To all the youth who are reading this, never make this mistake. Your parents love you and they always want the best for you. But sometimes they could get misguided by the freaking society. Be patient and talk to them, tell them about your concerns and worries. Never think that they wont understand, they will eventually that I can promise you. The only condition being you have to be absolutely passionate about what you want to do. After all there is a huge generation gap between you guys.(now finance can be a big factor for some people when it comes to following passion, so if you are wondering I have the solution for that too, all you have to do is ask).

Now if any parents are reading this, I have only one thing to say, please listen to your children more and try to understand what they want in life. Most of the kids are confused and they will be looking up to you for guidance. Help them find their own path and please do not force them to take the path that you deemed best for them. This might seem like a small thing but this is the most important part of being a parent(as I grew up some of my best memories I had were based around the small talks that I used to have with my Dad). I know, I know every parents are not like that so please stop yelling at me(just kidding), but majority of the parents in our country are like this. So if you are reading this please try and educate the people around you. Even if you can educate a single person that would be the greatest gift you can provide to our country.

I know that you might be thinking what change am I gonna make by talking to a few strangers, but remember this my fellow countrymen, as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “every journey begins with a single step”.


I tried my best to make him understand the situation he was in and was expecting a good beating in return. But to my surprise he took it really well and thanked me. We talked some more and he shared a lot of his experiences, which I’ll put to good use in future(I promised him that). He told me what I was doing is Noble and asked me not to take any shortcuts to success.

Before leaving he told me, life is like a game of snakes and ladders, the only difference is that people that take the easy ladders in life are bound to fail sooner or later.

It was one of the most exciting and and uplifting conversations I have had in a very long time. I assured him everything would be all right and that just follow my instructions and as for the first step, talk to your daughter. Soon after, we parted ways and as I looked back at him walking away, all I could think of was that every person on process the power to change reality as we know it.

They just don’t know it yet.

I know guys there is a lot to take in from today’s blog and I was not able add a lot of the topics that he told me about, like politics, people, revenge, murder(if you guys want to know more about these please let me know and ill write them as short stories when time allows).

If you have read this completely then thank you so much. I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s adventure. And without your support I could never do any of these insane adventure so please give me all of your feed backs .

Oo it has started to rain outside, I love rain.

This is Karthik Surya signing out.








14 thoughts on “The Man who will die for his daughter#Day3

  1. this one shows real progressiveness in you man applause to that
    but the thing that concerns me “is there passion on daughter” i think he might be using his daughter as an instrument to achieve his passion (social acceptance i think)
    i know i am a little bit annoying (curious douche bag) 🙂 😀
    hoping for best from your future man 🙂

    1. Yes Vinu as of present he is using her, I agree with you, but I am absolutely sure that he is passionate about her. He genuinely want her to be happy.
      And that’s why I wanted to help him. I worked really hard to plant many concepts in his mind and I believe that it has worked and will start to take effect soon.
      Thank you so much for you feedback and these kinds of words really inspire and make me want to write more
      By the way you are right annoying as hell(lol just kidding)

  2. Really proud of what you are doing bro. Many people including me whine and complain about making a change some way but you are actually stepping forward to do something. It’s something that’s inspiring to me and I’m sure that many others already feel the same. This one personally is very touchy as I can relate this a lot with my life. All the best brother.

    1. Thank you so much brother. And I am really glad to know that you could relate to this and in a small way inspire you.

  3. the stigma is so infectious
    being one daughter who has gone thru dese entrance stuff for my parents…………d story is somewhat same for most of us in our life
    many are helpless karthik
    i wish i cud let my kids fly high on their own wings rather than one made by us
    to follow ur passion u need parents support
    financial crisis often interrupt such dreams among middle-lower class families here

    1. From your words I get a feeling that you have already given up Parvathy. Believe that whatever has happend, it was for a good reason(all of you experiences good and bad made you who you are today). Life is just beginning and it will only get better from here onward if you truly open up to yourself I have confidence that you will reach really great heights, well I am not saying its gonna be easy.

      But if this is the same girl that I knew back from school, who was always full of energy, was so hopeful, passionate and never used to shut up about the endless possibilities out there, I know for a fact that you can do anything that you want in life.
      PS-i am sure that you would make a great mother and let your children fly high.
      And thank you for the feedback, it always make me want to do more.



        1. I am really glad to hear that you have had an epiphany Parvathy. I have always tried to see the Positive sides of people, and it was through those eyes that I described you. How ever you might have been in the past, all that maters is how you are now. And I am really happy that I wasn’t wrong 🙂

  4. Well done Karthik. Really appreciate your efforts. Keep going. Proud of u dear

  5. This is the first post I’ve read from your blog, and it’s really interesting. The Museum looks beautiful.

    I admire how you can just walk up to a person and talk to them. It takes a lot of self-confidence to do that.

    Your vision for the world is noble, and you can make a difference. One person at a time.

    1. Thank you so much for the feed back Liz, I really appreciate you reading my blog and believing that I could make a difference. One person at a time is all I can do now.
      But I have made a Master plan to reach the masses with my ideas. 🙂

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