The Man Who Conquered it all

Hello friends today I am gonna narrate the story of a person who followed his passion till his last breadth. I promise, a surprise is waiting for you at the end…

This person was born in Oregon, USA. He was quite a handful as a child, one day he got expelled from High school for brawling, he love to fight and it was where it all started. The school superintend gave him an advice that day, either you are gonna straighten up or you are gonna end up dead in some bar room floor and worse that that your inglorious fate is going to embarrass your mother for the rest of her days.

For some reasons these words were engraved into our heroes mind and he decided to change. He stopped fighting, started reading and discovered sports. He loved Football, he wasn’t fast and he wasn’t big but was passionate about the sport. After graduation his life started going downhill. The second world war started and he had to join the army.

When he returned he joined as a high school Biology teacher. Was he happy? No he dreaded at that job. So one day he decided to put a stop to this meaning less life and wanted to follow his passion. He left every thing to become a football and sports coaching assistant in the university he studied. He wanted to help the athletes improve their performance while running.

He worked hard day and night in pursue of his passion and finally became a coach of International Stature. Soon he got his name engraved in the Hall Of Fame as one of the greatest Track and Field Coach. Did he stop there no, he was so obsessed with his passion he trained some of the greatest Olympics record holders and lead the team USA into the forefront of Olympic wins.

He pushed his boundaries and used inventive methods to train his athletes, and his passion was so intense every day he thought about what more he can do.Soon he realized that running shoes are an athlete’s best friend and even If only an ounce could be removed from the shoe’s weight , then, in a one-mile race, almost 200 pounds of aggregate effort could be reduced(pretty smart huh).

Again problems rose up, there were no takers among any of the shoe manufacturers, all of them made fun of him saying what difference can it make. But our hero would never give up on his passion. He took classes on how to make a shoe and went on to invent a sole which was far lighter and had a better grip than any of the shoes in the market and hence became a shoe manufacturer himself.

Over time, along with Phil Knight – a middle distance runner, he overcame many trials & tribulations and Went on to establish one of the biggest & most successful brands in marketing history.

Was he satisfied now? Hell no. His flame of his passion was still burning hard. Now he wanted to share his passion with the world and wrote a book(became an author) on running and named it “Jogging“.The book sold millions of copies and “Yes” the term was coined by him(he made it) and it went viral. People around the world uses it now.

He defined the sports of running for healthy life.

He had one simple passion Running and look where it took him.

He got into the Hall of Fame, He trained and led Olympic athletes for his Nation, He became a shoes manufacturer, He became an author and all because of what?

His passion.

And one more thing guys, do you know the name of the shoe brand he created it was called “NIKE“(yes you are not dreaming, it is The Nike). And the little man with a strong passion is none other than “Bill Bowerman“.

This is one of my favorite life stories friends. I love this man for following his passion and just see the result. I hope you guys will like this story too.

This is Karthik Surya signing out.

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