The Little Angels Fighting Death#Day8

As I was riding by, a building completely decorated with stars caught my attention. I stopped my bike there and took a picture, after clicking the pic I was about to leave when I suddenly noticed a sign board stating…


Hello friends, I was riding my bike and the destination on my mind was Madavoorpara,a mountain with a small temple on top of it, I was enjoying my ride when I saw a glimpse of the mighty mountain on my right. Soon after that I reached the bottom of the mountain and when I looked up I saw a huge flight of stairs (I don’t like stairs that much).

On my way up I saw a man sweeping the stairs and I smiled at him and got one back. When I reached the top there was another set of stairs to reach to the temple which was inside a cave almost near the top of the mountain. There I heard a family saying that there is not a place to sit till the temple opens, they were just whining and not asking anyone. So me being the helpful idiot I am started talking to a worker there. I asked him whether there was a place to hang around, to which he said yes and pointed me in the direction (I was talking at the top of my voice guys, I wanted it to be loud and clear).


The family didn’t say anything, they just walked in the direction that the worker pointed at and it felt good (I was laughing inside thinking it is always like this). I started to walk the same way and thought that, “people always start complaining the moment they face an obstacle and most of the times they do this without even looking for a solution“. If this is the attitude of the parent we can just imagine what the kid must be learning from them.

Soon the trek started, it was a small one which lasted for less than 15 minutes but when I reached the top it felt like I conquered the Everest. I was completely out of breadth and sadly realized that I was so out of shape (must find time to hit the gym, it seems like I would have to quit sleeping altogether). There were a lot of teenagers there with DSLR cameras and here I was clicking pics with my old iPhone 4s, almost all the kids these days have good quality cams (good for them), I just hope that they will use it to better express themselves. I just sat there for a long time just enjoying the view and watching girls posing for pics, kids throwing rocks and some Police Men who were just wandering around.


When I turned my head back I saw a bamboo bridge which laid a path to the highest part of that mountain and I decided to take it. Slowly I walked the path laid down by bamboo strips and when I reached there the sight was just mesmerizing, they had 2 benches and a hut like structure built for people to just sit down and chat. The sun was nowhere to be found, he must have hid himself behind the clouds. When I reached the shelter I saw a boy just pacing here and there constantly looking at his phone with anxiety.

From my first deduction he was waiting for someone or was having a fight with his girl friend. I sat there watching him for some time when a father and a son (around 5 years old) came up and sat on one of the benches. I noticed that the dad was talking to someone (on phone) and held his son’s hand. 15 minutes had passed and nothing changed, the kid was still on his phone not giving a damn about the beautiful scenery around him and the man was not playing with his child.

To any parent reading this, it is my request, please don’t do this to your child, and don’t treat children this way. When you are with them just be there for your child. Never treat it as a chore, after all he is your kid and this kind of behavior will end up making him hate you and there is a strong chance that he will look for attention and acceptance some were else(never ends well). While sitting there I was showing the kid gestures and making faces at him and he was smiling at me. Before I could go and talk they left (I felt bad not talking to them).

Now it was just me and the kid who was still on the phone, so I went ahead and started a conversation with him, I found out that he was waiting there for his friends(who ditched him), and decided to cheer him up. Although he was hesitant at first in just a few minutes he began to open up and told me all about his school. He said about various houses and how his batch was the best (funny how every batch thinks they are the best, it was the same in my time too). We had a really pleasant conversation and he was quite the cheerful fellow.


The sun had set now and it was getting late, he said it was time for him to leave. So I joined him on the way down the mountain, it was much easier getting down. Hardy took us 5 minutes. At the bottom of the stairs we parted ways and I told him that, I have a strong feeling that we are going to meet again really soon. For as far as I could see there was not a single person on the vicinity.

I started my bike and left as I was riding; a building completely decorated with stars caught my attention. I stopped my bike there and took a picture, after clicking the pic I was about to leave when I suddenly noticed a sign board saying “Cankids- Pratyasha Home Away From Home” (it was a place for kids who had cancer but lacked the means for treatment). I was surprised to see this because I ride through there almost every day and haven’t ever noticed it.

Curiosity got the better of me and I went ahead and opened the gate. There was a special aura around there; I can’t say that it was of happiness. No definitely not it was more of an atmosphere filled with hope and helplessness. As I entered I noticed that the playground in the front was almost except for a man on the swing with a child on his lap(she was like a little angel), It was a really marvelous sight.

I didn’t want to disturb them and walked past them towards the reception area, there I was greeted with a big smile by a man In his 40’s and he invited me in. I never get such a welcoming approach at first (lol you guys know what I mean), it felt really good not being looked at with suspicion. Both of us went in and took a seat. He asked me the purpose of my visit. And as usual I explained my passion and my vision for the world.

Now usually when I say this people are skeptical and it takes a lot of effort to make them understand, but here It was different without a trace of doubt he believed in what I said. And now it made me think. why?why?why? What made him be like that, if I knew the core reason I could make a strategy to help others reach that kind of mental attitude. So I put on my analysis cap and started asking questions(you guys know what happens next right).

First he just sat there listening to my questions and I was thinking (why the heck is he not saying anything). I got the answer soon enough when he started talking, each word he uttered resonated immense love for the children Even his eyes were saying something and I realized that he was not like this before it was circumstances that made him to be an optimist.

He has been there spending time with children who had Leukemia(blood cancer), Osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Brain Tumour and numerous other cancers(oh god why). He was conditioned mentally to see the pain of people and act kindly. He told me the recovery tale of a 5 year old with bone cancer, how they had to take the bone from her hand out for radiation therapy and the pain she had to go through(i’m glad that she survived).

He always had hope, love and empathy for others around him. I was feeling proud just talking with him.

The kid in the video passed on a while later, may his soul rest in peace. Sometimes its like this we are helpless, all we can do is pray to god and love them.

I wanted to help the children some how, so I asked him what I should do, he said that my love and compassion are the greatest gift they can get. I was glad to hear that and promised him that whenever I get time, i’ll come there and spent time with the children and tell them stories ( i’ll make it count). Then I saw some children (I couldn’t click pics because it was prohibited), they are just divine, friends if you have some spare time try to spend it with these children, I promise you that each second you spent will be worth it.

Please don’t hesitate thinking that those people will ask for money, I promise you they wont. But if you can buy the children some ice creams, give them some of your old story books. We spent thousands of rupees on our birthdays to invite people who will later bitch about us when our backs are turned. Instead give these children a small treat (trust me guys it’ll cost only a fraction of what we spent), they will appreciate this and pray for you.

That’s it guys I am not gonna force you to do this, because I know that if you have goodness in your heart you will do this. But one thing I can help you with is how you can contact these people, reach out to me and i’ll help you get the information you need.

One more thing friends the pictures and messages that you share on Facebook and whats app are always fake because none of the institutions in this world do that. They never let people take pics of the children. They never ask for you to donate money into their accounts through unorthodox means most importantly they never use social media as a tool to gain sympathy. But I am sad to say that some people uses this as a means to cheat good hearted people and make money.

Thank you so much for caring guys. I am looking forward to your feed backs and hoping that you will find it in your heart to help these children.

This is Karthik Surya signing out…

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  1. That cancer center is just a 100 meter walk from my home. And I probably know the guy whom you talked with. My mom had told me about a small cancer patient and how she made it back. May be it’s the same little girl whom you were referring to! That place is full of hope bro. I’ve went there like 3 to 4 times and each time when I see those faces, I see hope.

    1. It is so great brother, that you found time to spent with those children. And yes their faces just radiates with hope and positiveness.:)

  2. It is a very intense and captivating article. Every sentence of yours was making me curious to read further. Well done.

  3. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a risky conclusion outstanding post! kdaeeabkgkkk

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