The Doctor With The Half Broken Heart#Day 2

“You can do it, you will do it, you have done it before and you will do it again” as I was shouting these words again and again the ultimate thought struck him…

Hello my dear readers it was a busy day today but all I could think of was about my blog and who I was gonna meet today. Doubts kept coming to my mind like, what If I don’t meet any one or what if I today’s talk was not as good as yesterdays. But then I thought its not about making a good story, but rather about helping some one in need and sharing my thoughts with you guys, that gave me confidence.

akkulamToday the place that I wanted to go was Akkulam Tourist Village, I reached there around 5;30 and was surprised to see that the place was almost empty. The only people there was some couples who were really busy sharing love (if u know what I mean) and approaching them didn’t seem to be such a good Idea. So I walked around the lake thinking about what to write today and took some Pics.

As I was walking, at a distance I saw someone sitting alone looking at the sunset (apparently solitude and sunset are two things that people with problems are attracted to) and at that instant I decided to go and talk with him. As I approached him he greeted me with a smile, I introduced myself and asked if I he had some time to spare so that we could talk. He was not completely confident but he said sure why not.

At first glance everything seemed to be perfect and he seemed to have no problem at all. We talked about family, career  and other random things. I came to know that he is a Doctor and was looking to do PG and was preparing for that. But throughout the conversation something didn’t felt right to me, so I went ahead and asked him whether everything was alright to which he replied yes and enquired why I asked such a question.

I told him that it was a gut feeling that something was wrong and told him about my blog. I asked him why he was sitting alone and enquired whether he was waiting for some one. To which he said he said “he was but not anymore“. It suddenly struck me, he was going through a love phase. So I started to ask questions now (If you want to know what kind of questions I asked let me know) and slowly the baggage began to come out one by one.

quoteFrom the conversation I came to know that he was a straight forward single guy who has not been in a relationship ever and he truly loved this one girl. As I had thought that was the problem, his love was one sided and It was for her that he waited. I asked him to open up and tell me everything and promised to give him a solution that will work 100%. I sat there listening to him as he explained the problems one by one(believe me when I say this guys there were quite a lot of them).

I’ll mention some of the major concerns he had. Both of them belonged to different districts, her parents where too orthodox, he had a lot of bad history,  he had opened up to her completely and she had not done the same (guys/girls never do that, the girls/guy will take you for granted it they don’t already have a crush on you) and then the mother ship of all blow offs “I have only seen you as one of my best friend and I don’t want to ruin what we have now“(complete bullshit-its an entire topic on its own).

As the minutes passed and it was getting more and more intense, I could feel the tension and frustration in his face. He was talking and talking and as he said,  she was a beautiful, talented girl and he only wanted the best for her,as he said this his voice started to crack up and he started to cry out of no where. I genuinely felt bad for him and wanted to help. So I slapped his thigh and and told him to listen very carefully.

The first thing that I made clear was the priorities in his life right now. I had to be brutally honest with him otherwise he could end up ruining his future and happiness. One by one we discussed the issues and I was giving him clear suggestions to solve each of the problems that he was facing. Then came the hard part, the one about the girl. I told him to stop talking to her for 3 years (some of you might me cursing me right now saying that what a crappy advice that was, believe me guys I know what I am doing) and do his post graduation. There are 2 possible scenarios here 1. During the 2 years it is possible that he could realize that what he was feeling was an infatuation ( in my opinion it is). and 2. He feels the same way about her after that gap (which would be awesome).


If it is the 2nd case then by the time he graduates, he can come back and propose to her again and she will accept if he follows what I told him to do (well its a matter for another article how to make some one realize that they are unconsciously in love with you) and since she is his junior and wont be marrying anytime soon because of her career, he can be at peace when he is studying.

If you are reading this Doctor, don’t worry you have the prayers of me and my readers. I’ll always be here if you need any advice. Soon afterwards our conversation became lighter and the tension in his face had vanished.  He was soo passionate about becoming a pediatrician that he was really excited when he talked about it. But he was uncertain whether he could achieve it or not. To which I told him, in the limited time that I got to know you I can say with certainty that you will become what you want to become.

I repeated these words again and again “”You can do it, you will do it, you have done it before and you will do it again” as I was shouting now, the ultimate thought struck him and he said Yes I can do it. And i assured him that he can and told him that you became a doctor because you wanted to and that is certain proof that you can accomplish goals. Don’t listen to the crowd that says its tough, its difficult, Its impossible(now its sad to say that some teachers are also part of this crowd). block them out, believe in yourself  and then you can attain the unattainable.

Before leaving I gave him a tight hug, I think it was the first hug that he ever received (just kidding). It felt as if I was hugging a tree, leave it to me to make things awkward. But he was smiling and that’s all that mattered. To me it was my successful 2nd day and to him it was a surprise encounter which will change his life.

After that I went and drank some coconut water, made 4 local friends there who promised me lot of gossips and spicy local secrets. It was late and I forgot to pay him also (I am such a dumass, lol wonder what they might be thinking). But in total It was a wonderful day and I am feeling tired as hell.

So guys thank you for reading my blog and as usual you are my inspiration and please leave your valuable feedback down below.

Its me Karthik Surya signing off till the next post.



15 thoughts on “The Doctor With The Half Broken Heart#Day 2

  1. hey karthik

    this is awesome man
    u had d bone of charm in ur way of expressing matters since school days
    n now u hav bcome a refined one
    i think i can narrate something kind of stuff like this n contribute to ur blog(jus kidding)

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Parvathy. And I would love it if you could share some of your experience with me:)

      1. yaa…………………….sure…………………always with positive attitude (Y)

    1. Thank you for the support Hashim and ill definitely try to write more content for you guys.

  2. I think…………….you do know what you do. To be frank the advice u gave is pretty much what i would say to someone in that situation. Your style blogging is also cool. 😉

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