Should You Stand Up During National Anthem?#Day10

They didn’t even care that they were sitting in front of an Ex Army Colonel; I could feel the frustration and helplessness in the eyes of that Old Soldier.


Hello friends a lot happened today, so many incidents are there to share. So ill do one thing and write 3 separate articles and this one right here is going to be the most controversial topic on my blog yet. I know guys I am a motivational blogger and this is not my cup of tea, but the incident covered so many important areas it has become impossible for me to exclude it.

So before we start a little back-story guys, a few days ago I went to the International Film Festival Kerala and helped some random workers. But one thing I did not mention was that before the film started the national anthem was played (as per the court rulings, now it is mandatory for every movie hall to play the anthem and people should stand in attention during the same) and two of the people next to me didn’t stand up and there was a small protest from the crowd regarding that and I was one of the people to help solve the issue and avoid physical violence.

Yesterday I was surprised to see the news. All the channels were debating on the issue whether or not to stand up while hearing the National Anthem. As I later came to know a group of people who were protesting against the court ruling got into trouble at one of the theatres and violence broke out. And people everywhere were talking about this issue. Usually I am neutral in issues like this (I believe that everyone should have the freedom to do what they want) but what happened today made me to take a stand and speak up.

Now back to the present, after some interesting encounters with some strangers I was sitting outside Nishagandhi Auditorium watching the queue for the screening of the Argentinean Movie “Neruda” (A brilliant movie btw). I was observing the versatile crowd of movie lovers who had gathered there. My eyes were wandering the premises when they came upon a small group.

What I saw was some teenagers, 4 girls and 1 boy sitting outside the auditorium and a man was standing in front of them and was talking. I could sense that something was fishy and decided to go there. When I reached there it was not what I expected. The whole conversation was in English and at first I was confused as to what they were talking about, but you guys know me within no time I was up to speed and was silently analysing the situation.

The old man was saying that we are humans and the only thing separating us from the animals is our humanity. The teenagers didn’t seem to agree though they were saying that we are no different from the animals and the only difference was that we have ego (I was like wtf dude, are you hearing the words coming out of your mouth). Soon I realised the situation the old man was trying to help these kids, and he was trying his best to do that. But you know what kids these days are really stubborn and don’t know a thing about the society.

The old man said that you should have a goal in mind and try to achieve what you aim for (a pretty descent advice anyone could give), now this is where it gets interesting. Without any hesitation one of the girls from the group shouted at him “who are you to tell us about achievements, what have you achieved in life”,(Instantly I knew that, the kids hated him and was completely ignorant, they just wanted to win the arguments with cheap humour and hatred) they were literally harassing him.

I didn’t say a word guys, I took out my diary ripped off a page and wrote “Sir please don’t argue with stupid people as they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”-Mark Twain. I handed him the note and sat there. He read it; looked at me and just smiled (it was a smile that said I know kid but still I have to try). My interest only piqued after that and I listened to every word carefully. Now the kids were looking at me too (those ass holes).img_4714

As an answer to their questions he started listing his achievements (there was a lot guy’s ill just mention a few). He was a retired Army Colonel, during his period of service he has planted more than 30,000 trees, he has recruited many cadets who are now among the top officials and he has fought for India many times. Hell I got Goosebumps just from hearing about his achievements.

And now just guess what the kids reply was guys, it was epic. The words that came out from one of the girls were I hate the army, they shouldn’t even exist. The old man didn’t seem surprised (it was like he was expecting such an answer). He asked them why you hate the army for which she had no reply, what about your parents what is their opinion on the matter. Again she didn’t disappoint her reply was they are just ignorant fools just like you. If they had send me to a better school, I would have been at a better level now ( that single dialogue said it all guys, the moment you blame someone else for your failure; that’s when you prove to the world that you are useless).

The old man didn’t say a word, he just stood there and suddenly the National Anthem started playing and every one stood up in attention except these kids and some others on the other end of the park. Yes that’s right guys they just sat there chatting not giving a damn.

They didn’t even care that they were sitting in front of an Ex Army Colonel; I could feel the frustration and helplessness in the eyes of that Old Soldier.

I have never seen a person holding back so much emotions this way. He was without any doubt angry, but he maintained his stature and just stood there till the end. I am no one to comment on anyone’s freedom; in fact my motto is that people should have the freedom to do what they want. But this is just blasphemy.

Just know this friends we might be Hindu’s, Muslim’s, Christian’s, Jain’s but above all we are INDIANS. And every time I stand in attention for those 54 seconds I feel proud of my heritage. Our ancestors fought really hard to earn us the freedom we have today, each year thousands of our soldiers sacrifice there life for our safety.

If they can put their life on the line for us, can’t we at least stand up in attention for 54 seconds or is it too much to ask for.

I know that you might be having many reasons not to do this, one of them being freewill. Yes I can understand your feelings but is it worth insulting our Nation in front of all the people around us. Especially the younger generations who look up to us as role models.

India is a democratic country and we all have the right to express our thoughts. We should use this and not abuse it. In most of the nations around the world they don’t have the freedom that we do. We are among the lucky ones and yet we do such things to insult our nation. I know this may not be your intention but the messages you are giving out are wrong.

If you want to protest then do that against people who pollute the environment, those who rape innocent children. Show your protest against corruption; scream at someone breaking the law or at someone who is harassing a woman. The funny thing is I haven’t seen a single person do any of this, and here I was thinking where all the people with morals go to. The only thing they are showing protest against is standing up for 54 minutes to respect our nation.

After the national anthem the kids just stood up and went into the stadium. I sat there talking to the ex colonel and I asked him why? Why did you try so hard to convince them? Why did you try so much when they were not willing to listen?

The answer he gave me was that, even if I couldn’t change them I had to try. He came to know about the situation going on at IFFK and wanted to see it for himself; he needed to know why they were doing this. The answer is as painful as the behaviour of these kids. This is all part of a large propaganda, someone somewhere is manipulating our youth into doing obscene things. These kids don’t have a clear knowhow of how the world works. They are simply following what someone had told them.

The colonel and me, we had a long conversation about our society, watched the movie and parted ways soon after.

I know that this is a really sensitive topic guys, but I just had to get it out of my system. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter (positive & negative). I thank you for reading the post with patience.

To all my readers who are not Indian’s, what kind of rule do you have in your nation regarding National Anthems and do you have the freedom to do what you want in your country.

I always love to hear from my readers.

This is Karthik Surya signing out…Namaste…








4 thoughts on “Should You Stand Up During National Anthem?#Day10

  1. In the UK we don’t have a rule, we have a tradition.
    We respect the national anthem (even though ours is one of the most dreary in the whole world!) and at times of remembrance we respect and acknowledge those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
    We also respect those who wish to differ with this view, however small their minority.
    There is a saying, ” I do not agree with what you say or stand for, but I will fight for your freedom to express your point of view.”

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on the matter…but it’s kind of funny that the saying is coming from a Nation which has once invaded and oppressed more than 85% of the world.

  2. First of all, I don’t really think they were fighting for anything at all. They were just kids, being the lost items they so often are.
    But as a general rule, I think even if they were choosing not to stand up as a sign of defiance (against what?), it would be because it’s easy to do so.
    When you ask where are these moral-fighters when it comes to larger issues such as corruption or environmental degradation, remember that humans (me included) have a tendency to fight things that are easy to fight against. Those larger, more urgent issues take real commitment to find against which is something most people can’t stick to. If that makes sense?
    Nice article anyway. And be sure to check out my blog too, you’ll like some of my stories 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on the matter, I agree that people do have tendency to always take the easy route.
      When I said kids I was emphasizing on their maturity(they were around 19-20 years old). They have had enough time to experience the world around them and take decisions accordingly.
      Once again I appreciate your effort for doing such an analysis and i’ll definitely be checking your blog.

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