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Hey Friends It was a really slow day today, nothing important to do. Actually, I just sat in my office and watched youtube videos for the entire day. I know right, What a lazy ass bum I am turning out to be. The one good thing about having a day like this is, you get a lot of time to think about what’s going on around you. And it’s all over the newspapers these days.

It’s about the attacks on African immigrants in Uttar Pradesh (Noida). Now, most of you have not paid much attention to this. But as a person who has encountered a lot of racial discrimination on a lot of occasions, I couldn’t help but empathize with those poor souls.

Now the reason they are giving for attacking is the death of a 16-year-old boy allegedly because of drug usage. Now it’s really sad and could really have been them that caused it. But it is no reason for beating up 4 African students who happened to come across a protest march that was happening. Not just that, yesterday a Kenyan student was dragged out of her taxi and attacked.

Now what justification are we gonna give for this kind of preposterous behavior? What did that girl do that was so wrong. She came to our country seeking better education and a peaceful student life in a highly diverse Nation. Rather that making her feel at home this is how we are treating them. Shame on our country, shame on all of us.

Now India has 29 states and each state is gonna argue that, if this was our place such an incident would never have happened. Well if you are thinking like that, I am sorry but you do not understand the basic nature of the people around you. Racism is one of those things that the British Empire left with us. They used it as a weapon and now we are using it against one another.

It pains me to say this but, still in each corner of our country, people look down on those with a darker complexion. Religion, Caste, Culture has been plaguing our country since long. And that’s the reason why mothers stop their children from getting a Tan. I remember my friends saying that it’s too sunny I am not going out, My skin will get dark(fearing a mockery from their friends later on). Like its some kind of disease. If this is the case with our fellow countrymen, we can simply imagine the curse of those poor immigrants.

I was also affected by this disease once, there was a time when I was afraid that my skin would get darker if I went out in the sun, I use all kinds of fairness products and face packs(stop judging guys, sheesh). I so wish if there was someone to tell me then, that this is all just pretentious crap which doesn’t mean shit in real life. But to my bitter luck, there was no one. All of those around me was also affected by this disease so I just went with it and never realized what was happening.

But in due course of time, I realized the truth. But it took the entire duration of my student life to get to this realization. To all my brothers and sisters who are reading this and is using a fairness cream or afraid of the sun. Please stop it, you are as beautiful as you are and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Not your friends, not the society not the companies that advertise each second to brainwash you.

Well enough of that, The African immigrants are not to blame for all this. If you are going to blame them anyway, then think of all the millions of other deaths that are caused by our people, drug abuse, rape, acid attacks, to name a few. Try to see the big picture. Be more human and treat them as our own. Stop the abuse and harassment, stop calling them Nigerians and Habsi(monster). It hurts guys.

I want to see my nation eradicated of all these negative emotions. We have to show the world how hospitable we are in our hearts. Show them our true heart and they will love us for who we are. This is the 21st century and let’s take the torch of hope and before passing it on to the next generation we must make sure that it is not tainted with Racism…

Thank you for reading guys, hope you got the message

This is Karthik Surya signing out…

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