“One word Persistence”- Motivation To Break The Boundaries

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything in life or have you ever thought why some people are born talented with supportive parents and all the luxuries in life? And more importantly why you of all people have to struggle to make a living, learning everything the hard way

Well, this article is for all of you out there who think that they are stuck in their life, and disappointment has become a routine. I have the solution for the problem and I speak from experience. Through my words, I’ll try my best to make you understand that you are at a crossover in your life and all you need is a little push in the right direction (or maybe a lot more that that).

Now listen carefully guys, I need you to go out, preferably to a crowded urban area and look at the people passing by and I want you to spot all the people who are thinking about you. Now do this and you’ll see that the answer is zero, no one cares a damn about you. Believe me when I say this, no one in this world truly cares about you (except a handful maybe). No matter how many times you fail, no matter how many times you succeed. The ones who come into contact with you will forget you eventually. That’s life.

Now when you blame the world around you for not giving you privileges, or when you think that your life is hard, remember this you are not alone 99% of people in this world are like that and if you want to change this then you should learn to act upon your thoughts.

Every person on this earth has ideas and what the difference between them and the successful ones is that the successful people act on those ideas. They go out and work.

Now don’t misunderstand me when I say work. Coz working is just the first step towards what you are looking for. After you start working there comes a part called failure and that’s where most people give up. They think that since they lost once, it’s over.

Well, it’s time for you to face the facts; no one in this world has ever become successful without failing. If you are sitting around and thinking of a fail proof idea, that is magically going to take you to the top. Then you can sit around and wait until your death, coz that day is never gonna come by.

I can’t promise anything to you, it’s your life and you are the ones to take all the risks. But I can promise that every millionaire who has ever lived has been through numerous failures and what keeps them apart from the rest of the world is a simple thread that I’ll summarize with a simple word.


Yes, I know that you have heard of this before, but never dare to act upon it. I’ve listened to hundreds of speeches by successful people and read numerous autobiographies and within their words, hidden in a treasure chest is the secret to all riches in this world that is Persistence.

After each failure comes a moment when you have to decide whether to call it quits or keep moving forward and the one who persists in pushing forward are the ones that reach one step closer to their dreams and the rest are history.

Be persistent friends, be persistent, you will experience ups and downs in your life but if you use your willpower to push forward no matter what, success is the ultimate destination. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams and set goals and never be afraid to fail.

As they say” failure is indeed the stepping stone to success”.

Now to put my words into perspective here’s a small video of the 28 times Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps before he got his first medal. Notice how he wish for a single one and how he will be happy with the outcome.

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