Murdering Thy Mother

There has been a dark cloud looming over my head since the day I was born. It was growing relentlessly and always blinding me. The self-centered, egoistic and racial feelings will eventually lead us to extinction. The one taking hit for all our wrong doings is none other than our Mother Earth.

Even when we are sucking the life out of her marvelous bosoms, she remains calm. But the only question is for how long this can go on. We the homosapiens are the single greatest threat our mother has ever faced. Cutting her, burning her, exploiting her; why bother literally raping her, our race is moving ahead with innovations and greed in our eyes.

Our numbers are multiplying by the second and in the last two centuries our count has gone up eight times higher. And we are not planning on stopping. I wonder if it is a warning to us when each calamity occurs and each disease outbreaks. She is crying at the top of her lungs please stop my children please stop. But it remains forever a voice in the lone valley.

Global warming is the least of our worries. An apocalypse is inevitable, it’s not a matter of how, it’s just a matter of when the inevitable will occur. Our greatest minds tell us that the earth will soon collapse and we as a species should colonize in other planets. It is a sign that they know some things that we don’t.

The Manhattan Project which led to the mass murder in Nagasaki and Hiroshima showed us how devastating we really are and nuclear science has excelled from there on. It is an iron clad rule of our universe that nothing lasts forever. Even the Dinosaurs who ruled the earth had to pay the price in the long run. So my question is how long do we have.

According to the Mayans the earth should have ended years ago, but for some reasons unknown to us it didn’t. Maybe she is waiting for the right moment. And when news like an apocalypse spreads people suddenly become aware and interestingly that awareness only lasts for a couple of days.

When the large hadrons collider was launched we where almost sure that this was the end but it didn’t happen and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t replicate the big bang. But the possibility of a black hole springing up and sucking us all into obliteration still remains.

In laboratories across the world wannabe aspiring scientists are working restlessly to create an artificial intelligence which can help humanity take a leap forward. But what if it becomes self aware and realizes that humanity is a threat to itself and start a war that will have no end. Not us brothers and sisters but our future generations will suffer for our wrongdoings.

Imagine fifty percent of our land underwater, billions of lives lost, great cities submerged in the ocean. Children, women, men all drowned and left nothing but memories to cry upon for the survivors. This doesn’t even begin to cover the nightmares that will descent upon us if the glaciers of Greenland or Antartica melt. And global warming will merely be a tool for it; the cause will be the proud race that is ruling the earth now, us the great homosapiens.

Each day we are thrusting towards newer and newer innovations to make our lives easier but our crying mother cannot say or express. She can only hope that the children of hers would realize the facts one day. I believe that there will come a day when we will repent for our own wrong doings.

Mount Fuji which has been dormant for centuries now. What would happen if all the oil we are digging up will result in seismic activities which will lead for her and many other volcanoes to erupt? Our earth will be covered with ashes and we will start to slowly decay away, there will be no one left standing other than our crying mother who is incapable of sustaining life now.

From the ashes of these thoughts that are cascading down our brain we must understand that the world is not ours to destroy but we are mere pawns in the face of the earth. Our life span is just below seventy but our actions can resonate in the future too.

In the 600 B.C there lived a Chinese army strategist called Sun Tsu, he once said that, “Every war is won or lost even before it is ever fought”. So my question to humanity is this. Are we fighting for a lost cause, are we fighting for a planet which is bound to die from our own actions.

Other than doing my own part to rescue the environment all I can be is a bystander and hope that the humanity will change and our mother will survive. I know you can reincarnate mother, I know you can.

-your son

4 thoughts on “Murdering Thy Mother

  1. Nice article karthik. Since karthik everyone knows the situation but still people are ignoring this topic so tell me the ways so that i can contribute and motivate others to contribute to make this situation better.

    1. Thats a really genuine question Priya, I’ll try to write an article about the solutions as soon as possible. Thank You

  2. The part”What would happen if all the oil we are digging up will result in seismic activities which will lead for her and many other volcanoes to erupt?”…is absolute example of pure fantasy bro…Hell I would love to make a science fiction movie, if you could write a story for me :-)!!!

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