How New Year Resolutions Changed My Life

Newyear is here and as usual, I am thinking about what kind of resolutions I should take.  Why do I take them when I know that I am gonna break most of them anyway. Well to know that we are going to take a look at my history with resolutions.

The first ever resolution that I took was in 2015, before that I never believed in them. I thought they were stupid, if someone wanted to make chage in their life why wait till new year, right. But then I thought, life is short and that I should try everything at least once. So on that beautiful new year’s eve, I took 4 resolutions.

  • To start writing a diary (i was always weak at writing)
  • To stop consuming carbonated beverages
  • To stop watching porn.
  • To learn Guitar

Seems pretty silly doesn’t it, but believe me when I say this guys, from the next day onwards I started telling everyone about my resolutions (except porn) and every single one of them gave me sarcastic looks(like let’s see how long he is gonna keep this up). This actually irritated me and I started saying this more often. Like each time we went somewhere I told them that, I don’t drink this, I don’t drink that and soon enough it became my identity. It’s been 2 years since then and I haven’t had a drop of any carbonated drinks till this moment and I plan on keeping it that way.

And writing in my diary was fun at first but soon it became like a hindrance only because I imposed a rule upon myself that I should write in her every day (notice that there is no one involved here to keep me accountable for this). But one thing did emanated from this was, I now know how to write my thoughts in a piece of paper and my writing was getting better.

The porn, let’s not talk about it, this resolution was a complete failure (I caved in after a few days)

I did learn Guitar though.

Then came 2016 eve and I thought back to last year and felt pretty good and decided to take a couple more resolutions this year. Now this time I over did it, and some were unrealistic.

  • To continue writing a diary(I named her raven)
  • To conduct real-life experiments to understand people and their psyche better.
  • To do things that I find most uncomfortable
  • To study harder
  • To read News paper every day
  • To read 50 books this year.
  • To stop watching porn.

Now this time I just wrote in her whenever I felt like. And it started to become more emotional and I began to realize the power of literature. And believe me guys, it was only because of this resolution that I learned how to write and express my thoughts through words.

The experiment part was really fun(only for me). I used to try all kinds of techniques and psychological concepts on them. I’m sure that if any of them are reading this, they would probably be shouting at the screen. Every day after my class I used to sit outside the cafeteria watching people talk and learning and understanding each person’s behavior. Most of them thought that I was simply crazy(lol). But all those things helped me a lot and can be considered as some of the best parts of my education.

The uncomfortable part, oo yes this one is fascinating. Since the start of 2016, each week was uncomfortable for me. I did all kinds of crazy stuff.

  • I made friends converted them into enemies and then turned them back into friends again( no wonder they call me crazy).
  • I fell in love and did some thing that I thought that I would never do, nope not what you are thinking about. I share my feelings and emotions. One of the highlights of this year because I felt emotions that I didn’t know existed. I wrote poems, I sang songs, I learned craft oh god the list goes on and on.
  • I broke up (sorry guys I’m too sad to talk about it)
  • I climbed a mountain and screamed at the heavens due to immense depression(there was a lot of moping).
  • I realized some of the hard truths about this world and decided to change it.
  • As my first step, I started this blog.
  • I got my first job.

The list goes on guys.

My resolution to study harder did not go so well, coz you know right I was pre occupied in other things and I have never liked studies that much.(sorry dad hehe)

I do read news paper though, every day if possible.

Read 50 books, come on dude wtf, I know right. I didn’t even come close, I just read 10 and that too not completely. Now this happened because the goal was unrealistic and I was being overconfident.

The porn, this time I managed to stay without watching it for 6 whole months, but then came the depression part and I went back to my happy place again. Why dude why?

Now, this brings us to the present, I know that it’s gonna be a life changing year for me. And I have to be prepared to make it an epic journey. And I want to ask some thing from each one of my readers, take some resolutions and try your best to keep it, don’t worry if it’s realistic or not (create an identity out of your resolution and live that to its potential). Down below I will mention my resolution for the year ahead. And this time I have you guys to keep me accounted for right. So here I go.

  • To continue writing in Raven
  • To make sure to post at least twice in my blog.
  • To plant a tree every Sundays.
  • Stop throwing litter around, keep my country clean(from my side)
  • To read at least 10 pages per day(yeah that’s right I am keeping it simple)
  • To start my own company
  • Learn Drumming (my classes start tomorrow)
  • Be positive and spread happiness around
  • To travel as much as possible
  • To stop watching porn (lol, no guys I have a good feeling about it this time)

I would love to hear about your resolutions guys, it would mean a lot to me if you could share it with me. I believe this is going to be an awesome year and we will face it together.

This is karthik surya signing out…

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4 thoughts on “How New Year Resolutions Changed My Life

  1. I just woke up and was thinking about the resolutions and the questions that I should be asking to God and then I came across this post! I really enjoy reading your blogs man. This one especially! Very very realistic. Planted a smile on my face even before I realised it. I would really lovely if you planted those trees 👌🏻. Good luck with everything and keep writing more. Have a good year ahead mate.

  2. You drew a smile on my face. I love your way telling the story. Few lots ago, I went into the habit of writing my diary. I love it so much as it’s a picture of my life. As you said, it helps writing down thoughts on paper. But with this hectic pace of life, I’ve stopped writing diary. You encouraged me to get back to my journal. Happy new year!

  3. I liked it …u turned friends into enemy and again into friends 😂😄

  4. This is honestly amazing. Ive attemoted to write a diary but i did last a month :/. This is great, funny and relatable. It also give me peraonally a hope of achieving my own resolutions. And congrats on achieving them and good luck with the ones this year!
    P.s you write really well.

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