How I Got a VIP Seat Without Any Pass#Day9

Hello dear readers, this work is killing me. I have been buried neck deep in meetings and paper work that I couldn’t write as I pleased. But its over now and I am feeling really happy just to write.

One of my favorite places for couples to hang out in Trivandrum is Kanakakkunnu Palace(fun fact: It was used by the royal family as a place to serve non vegetarian food to their guests, omg how rich were they, a whole palace just for that). It has a well maintained park all around it and provides luscious scenery for tourists. They have a lot of free area were most of the festivals and exhibitions are conducted.

It was my destination for the day and when I reached there people were running here and there doing a lot of work. Soon I found out the reason when I saw the Banner for the 21st IFFK. Yes it was the selected location for the Inaugural film exhibition of International Film Festival Kerala(one of the best film festivals in India). Instantly I got thrilled because I knew that the place was soon gonna be a gold mine of people from different places and cultures.

But apart from a few busy workers the entire place was empty(yes I got there 3 hours too early), not to worry I told myself and started walking around the palace and all I could see was couples romancing(huh this again) and I pretended not to see some things(lol kids these days have no shame at all). Soon arrived at the venue for the launch, Nishagandhi Auditorium.

I could see some volunteers just sitting there and laughing at each others jokes, I also saw the Director Kamal(he was the organizer of the entire event) who was busy as a bee shouting at random workers and seemed to be in a lot of stress(must be tough organizing such a huge event). I sat there for sometime watching all these things and observing how people reacted under stress(its absolutely amazing how people screw up the most basic of things when they are under pressure)

Every one can relate to this, for example take the case of an exam or a speech that you had prepared really well for. But suddenly when it is the time to deliver, the heat of the moment gets the better of you and degrades your performance.(i’ll soon write an article explaining why?)

As I was watching these dramas unfold I saw a man(not a native) carrying a lot of chairs stacked on top of each-other(it was around 25, it was 3 times his size) on his back. He was sweating from head to toe and was thin as a pencil (really guys, he had the physique of a 16 year old). soon he placed it down and started to arrange the chairs. I wanted to make a time lapse of the moment and started it, when I was doing that I saw another person.


It was the other daily wage employee(he seemed really frustrated), now he was carrying wooden chairs(a lot more heavier) and behind him I saw a person giving orders. He was a mean man and was pushing these two around like some kind of slaves. But what the worker did at that moment surprised me and provoked action from within.

I saw him threw a chair outside and started to shout at the person giving him the order’s. He seemed really angry and famished. Now the problem was that his shouting was in Hindi and the one hearing this was not understanding a word of it. Quickly I got hold of the entire situation and acted accordingly. I went near him and told him “bhaiya agar aap ab ladyi karoge toh apka poora mhnat barbad ho jayega”(if you make a scene now all you hard work will go to waste).

Hearing my words he came to his scenes and and told me what he was going through.

He and his friend were from Assam and their employer picked them up from their camp that morning. They were there for a daily wage work and didn’t know what the work was when they came. He said that the only thing he ate that day was 2 roti’s, that too in the morning. Both of them were given the job which was meant for atleast 5 people. The had to clean the whole auditorium, carry the chairs, arrange it and after that they had to decorate the chair with cover and some ribbons(now when I say chairs, it was around 1000 individual seats).He was just getting a mere 500 rs for this much work. It was around 5.00 and the guests had started to come and there was a lot left to be done.

I told him not to worry and placed my bag in a chair and started to help. I told them to start the decoration, meanwhile I finished arranging the chairs. Now I joined in on the decoration and was telling them random jokes(I think they didn’t understand anything but still laughed, which was more than enough for me). We worked hard and within an hour our goal was accomplished and I gave them both a high five.

They thanked me for my help and expressed their sincere gratitude (god bless them). Now through out the entire incident I saw numerous people staring at me with pity(in there eyes I was just a common worker and they were the rich pieces of shit who came to attend a prestigious function). I hated that look, I could feel their judgmental souls trying hard to break my will(sorry random a-holes your pity is not enough to break my resolve).

But I wished if someone had lend me a hand, even if it was for a single chair. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one, but then I say to myself, no I shouldn’t loose hope. People are not like this because they wanted to. Its not anyone fault, but that’s just the way how the world works and it is my mission to break this stigma.

Every job has its own value, and the moment you realize this your life will start to change. 

You don’t have to be a mental giant to understand this. Just look around you. This is a transparent secret that has been handed down through generations. Every single successful person(by successful I am not only stating financial gains. Mental satisfaction and self actualization are also signs that you are successful in life) in this world knows this secret, they know that each job has its own importance and never show pity towards some one.

They know that this world is filled with amazing people like you and me. The only thing stopping you from reaching our destiny and doing what you love is none other that you itself. Yes don’t be surprised its you, we all have that voice inside us that screams at us every time we try something new, it shouts “what will they think if I do this”. Tell that voice to shut the fuck up.

And listen to my words.

If you are reading this then take my word for it, you are one step closer to success that 99% of people in this world. You are some one who want to change, which is the reason why you are here. You can do the impossible, your true potential is still untapped. I know this; you know this (we don’t need any one else’s approval).

Take that leap of fate friends you can do it. I am not saying that its easy, it never is but you and me, we are dreamers and we do what we want to irrespective of what others might think.

There might be problems like what will my parents say, what will my friends think, if I change now all my hard work will go to waste, will I be successful in this new line, can I earn money from my passion, can I get a good status in the society if I do it, others have so much hope for me, what if I make a mistake.

I can go on with the range of thoughts in your mind guys. But believe me when I say this, I have solutions for every single one of these problems and they are effective as hell.

How to start? Where to start? How to find? How to keep others satisfied while you follow your passion?

I have the answers and I am willing to share it with my readers. All you have to do is reach out to me and ask(yes its as simple as that)

All I ask in return is for you to share what you have learned with your loved ones. Help random people without exception any thing in return and tell me how you felt. One more thing.

If you don’t Believe in Yourself, If you ever doubt yourself, If you ever get lost   “Believe in the me, who believes in you“,together we can change this world.


Oh I had almost forgot about the title and the story(I got a bit carried away guys). When I finished decorating the chairs I was inside the VIP lounge and realized that there was security guards at the entrance now and people were struggling to get inside. I thought to myself why leave now, when I am already inside. So I just sat there with all the delegates and enjoyed the show till my heart’s content. It felt really good, the front rows are always awesome.


A lot more happend that day but I’ll write it in another post. I got some feedback’s saying that my post’s are a bit lengthy.

What do you guys think should I make it shorter or should I continue like this.

Thank you guys for reading and please let me know if you want to learn about any particular and unique challenges that you are facing. I’ll do my best to decipher the the situation and give an optimum solution.

This is Karthik Surya signing out… Chao…



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