Heaven On Earth#Day6

Helen Keller once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”, I believe in these words and each day I wake up with the hope that something exciting will happend today. That thought drives me to do more and more…


Today was Sunday and I woke up early because of a bad cold and since I went to bed late the other day, I hardly got 3 hours of sleep. As I am writing this my eyes are killing me(they just want to shut down), well they can wait. So after having my breakfast I went to the saloon and had a haircut. I rushed back home because and did some chores. I was really excited because today was the day I decided on visiting a place where a whole lot of children lived.

I left home in the afternoon and took my guitar and cards with me, hoping that if I get a chance to interact with the children I would use these to bond with them quickly. But when I reached “Sri Chitra Homes , the only person I could see was the security guard and he was not giving me permission to go inside as none of the officials were present, and he did not process the power to grand me entry. I was utterly disappointed as I had great expectations (I know that keeping expectations about something is always a mistake, but sometimes it just happens).

I was thinking of leaving when It suddenly hit me. I am not a quitter, I wanted to turn this situation into something good. I was sure that I would not be able to enter the premises, so I decided to sit with the Security guard and talk.  He was a really nice person, I told him about my passion and the reason why I was there. Although he was skeptic about my ideas, as we continued talking he began to come around.

I continued sharing my experiences with him and in return he told me about the kids there(at last what I wanted to hear). He said that only around 20% of the kids there was orphans. The rest of them were left there by their parents(mostly poor). It made me wonder what kind of problems they must be going through to leave their own children in a home.

As he continued talking I came to know that the total strength there was around 300. And that the age of children varied between 1 and 22. In the home they also help the girl children get married and even help some of them in achieving government jobs.

At Sri Chitra Homes the children had freedom to express and to do what they wanna do. So in a generic situation when they have that kind of freedom they must follow their passion right,so I asked him about the success rate of children who leaves the home. He said that they are average and nothing great has happend yet. Now this goes against all my principles, they don’t have any one to stop them then why cant they succeed.

I didn’t get the answer right away guys because I didn’t have a clue to how these children’s minds work(only if I got to spend some time with them, I would have been able to make a conclusion), but then again from all the Information that I gathered the most probable reason would be peer pressure and the belief that they are not worth it.

So I have decided it, i’ll conduct a free seminar for these children including several activities which will help them realize their worth. But first I should make their warden understand the need for it and since it is a government institution there is a lot of formalities involved. But don’t worry guys i’m determined about this, i’ll definitely find a way.sodnf

It got really late I was getting ready to leave as I saw a Lady come in through the gate. She was around her mid 30’s and had really fair complexion. The gatekeeper told me that her daughter stays here. As you might have guessed I got curious and decided to eavesdrop on their conversation(oh my god, I have no shame at all).

Shortly after she got the permission I saw her daughter coming to her running and the mom hugged her and kissed her kid. Both of them sat on a bench on the side of a peepal tree. And a creepy guy was spying on them from behind the tree(that would be me). From the side I could see that the child was thrilled to see her mother after a long time. The mother gave her a box filled with Biryani and wanted her to eat it there itself.

As the child began eating she was telling her mother about what was happening in school and about her friends, the mother listened very carefully and was enjoying the view of her child eating good food. They talked some more after that and soon it was time for the child to return. Before leaving the mother gave her 500rs for buying some new clothes and to buy some Christmas cards for her friends.

Now guys this really moved me because that money was much more valuable than thousands of rupees simply because of the emotion behind the gesture. Think about it, who does a person give the most amount of money to,”his kids” and this mother giving her child just 500 means that’s all she can afford. Such kind of money is priceless and good lord you guys should have seen the little girls face when she heard the words “new clothes”.

Soon after the mother left, and I could see the child running off to her friends waiting for her behind the gate, most probably she is not gonna spend the money on cards. Rather she and her friends would be buying candy or do something they like. I really wanted to go inside and talk to them, well maybe next time.

I said my good byes to the gatekeeper and left, it was late but as little as I knew the days adventure was just about to start.

(to be continued…)

A lot more happend today and I did quite an outrageous thing at my next encounter and also had some fun.

To the new readers, If you are here wondering Why I am doing all this then Click the link below.

The New World Order

This is Karthik Surya signing out…

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