Each Day Will Be the Happiest Day Of Your Life#Day4

Did you give a damn if a person was Hindu, Christian, Muslim or a Jain. Did you look for friends who was white, black, brown or yellow.

Hello friends I was really excited when I left the office today but as I was riding my bike through the traffic in NH-66, a rush of negative thoughts came to my mind. At first I didn’t take it seriously but as the time passed the feeling got stronger and stronger. I couldn’t pin point the reason right away so I just rode the bike slowly through the streets observing everyone silently.

When I looked, every one seemed to be in some kind of rush. Some were rushing to get home, some going to start there shifts, shopkeepers were busy working I was starting to hear a buzzing sound. Which represented the mental agony of the masses. It was so overwhelming that I almost gave in to the helplessness.

Suddenly  my attention was captured by some children, carrying water to their homes from the nearby public water well. They were doing something that we might call a hard and mundane task. But for some reason they were extremely happy. I wanted to know the reason so I stopped my bike and started to follow those kids. I was following them through the village roads and was curious as hell

But soon enough I found out the reason to their happiness and it was so simple. They were not thinking it of as a job, rather they were enjoying it. On their way they stopped to throw rocks at mango trees, splash water on each other from small puddles on the road, kicked random rocks and competed against each other on whose went the farthest. In short they were having fun in what they were doing. Actually to be frank I felt a bit jealous.

This was such an instant when suddenly every thing makes clarity to you. We have all been through this phase, we have all been there not caring for a thing in the world and enjoying what we did. But what made us change, the answer you might have in mind is society right (I thought so), and to an extent it is true. When we started growing up all we could hear was you cannot do this, that is not allowed, follow norms and live by the societies code. Yes we have all heard this and unfortunately we believed them.

This is their weapon to make us one of them, pressuring us to follow the norms that  our ancestors made. Does any one even know what kind of people they were “No” but we still follow the path they laid down for us. Before the Mauryan Dynasty there wasn’t even a cast system in India. And when the British came they used the same against us.

Think of you as a kid, did you give a damn if a person was Hindu, Christian, Muslim or a Jain. Did you look for friends who were white, black, brown or yellow. Did you ask him which political party he supported…”The answer is NO”. And now every thing has changed, even when we are making a friend the first thing that comes to our mind is will he suit my status. I know it is hard to accept but, this is the Truth that we don’t want to concur to.

So the kids made me think, like them can we leave all our preconceived notions behind and just be happy. Can adults be like that, the truth be told it is difficult, they are just set in their own ways and bringing them all back would be next to impossible(not impossible though). But then I thought what can we do to make our lives better. And I found the answer.

And the solution will be in my next post so, stay tuned (ha ha just kidding guys). The solution that I found for this problem is that we should change our outlook, we should change the way we look at things. Simple right( some of you might be thinking what kind of a lame as solution is that). Don’t under estimate the power of simplicity guys. Some of the greatest changes where inspired from the simplest of ideas.

So now lets talk about the action plan, from this moment onward start to look for positiveness in everything. Easier said than done huh, but if you are reading my blog then that means that you can do this.Because that’s what you are here for right, to bring out the greatness in you, to be the better person that you have always wanted to be and now I am providing you  the opportunity to take the second step in that direction.

Be the better man/woman expel all the negativity and embrace positiveness. If you see a blind man don’t pity him(during the period of his entire life every one has been doing just that), just tell him how awesome his shirt looks. If you see a poor man don’t judge him, rather look how happy he is from the limited income he gets and how proud he would be when sharing his day with his loved ones.

Trust me when I say this guys, the wealthier you get the lesser compassionate you become(never run after money friends, do what you love and love what you do-“money will be coming to you as a byproduct”). You’ll loose the will to find happiness in small things.

So when you are going to eat, think about how fortunate you are to have this food(millions of kids die of hunger every day), when you come home appreciate that you have a home to come back to. When you talk with your friends be happy that you have them in your life. If you are in the office and things are getting boring, Photocopy your ass (hope my boss isn’t reading this lol), Be silly, laugh at funny things, try to make others happy, smile at random people and see how that puts a smile on their face too, make each day count and believe me guys you will see the change this will bring to your life.


If you do all this then by the end of the day you will feel like the luckiest and happiest person alive in this world. If you do this and nothing changes you can tell me and I promise you that I’ll stop writing. But first you have to promise me that you will give it your all(I believe in you guys, you can do this).

If this post has made you smile and urged you to think about the world please do let me know. Each day I wait eagerly to hear from you guys.

Every day it is getting more and more evident guys, if we believe in ourselves then no one can stop us.

This is Karthik Surya signing out. See you all tomorrow

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