By The Ocean She Sat Alone And Wept#Day 1

When I said that, I could see her eyes getting filled with tears and suddenly it happend…


You guys must be thinking that what the heck is going on here, well let me explain. As I promised yesterday I went out to Shanghumugham Beach(it’s a famous beach in Trivandrum) in search of my random stranger whose life I was supposedly going to change. But walking around the beach I was getting more and more insecure and self-aware. I was clicking random pics of stuffs and was almost ready to quit.

But as the sun was setting I suddenly saw her, at first glance i thought that she was there with her boyfriend or was waiting for him.  But Something stopped me from leaving, so I decided to wait and watch for a little bit before I leave. For 10 minutes I watched her and walked in circles around the area with my eyes glued to her(oh god stalker alert). At last I decided to approach her and have a little chat.

So i mustered up all the courage I had, went near her and said hello and enquired whether she was with someone. It was as if I was talking to a wall when suddenly i noticed that she was so deep into a trance that she had no idea what was happening around her. Me being the creepy dude I am didn’t want to leave her in peace and was curious as hell and asked her again ARE YOU ALONE and may I sit here.

At that moment she was startled to see some dude standing besides her and shouting, but she came to her scenes quickly and asked me who I was. So like a gentleman I introduced myself and asked if I could sit besides her. Before she could say no I took my seat in the mildly wet beach sand and made myself comfortable. I could literally feel how uncomfortable she was feeling but I was determined to find out what the problem was.

At this point the sun was already set and the only light was from a street lamp which was located at some distance. People had already started to leave and she told me that she will leave soon . So I decided not to waste any time and enquired what the problem was,  from her looks i could say that she didn’t want to discuss about it and was really suspicious of me, well of course she had every reason to be doubtful after all I am a stranger that she just met.

Slowly and steadily I started to build trust and fortunately I was able to make a good rapport within 3 minutes of talking.( Now if you guys wanna know how I did this comment and I’ll write an entire article explaining how to create a phenomenal first impression and how to create instant rapport) So now she was slowly but cautiously opening up to me and was getting comfortable.

Of the 3 reasons that I asked her for her state of sorrow filled behavior 2 were spot on and although she was not sure about it she shared with me her ill fate and told me the reason to why she was sitting alone in a crowded beach staring at the ocean. It was as I had predicted, her life was not going the way she wanted, she was feeling like everything around her was conspiring against her and she felt like her whole life was collapsing.

Her boyfriend was cheating on her, she wasn’t happy with her job and dreaded her life there. All these made her to run away from work forcing her to sit at the beach staring into the ocean in solitude. But as I heard her story I told her that our meeting was fateful and that for some strange reason I was pulled into her, saying this I showed her my blog post and made her read the new world order and my resolution to help a random stranger. She was surprised to read my post and I added that It was like a divine intervention that we had met.

I told her my life story and explained how I went through exactly the same situations and asked her what she was passionate about and enquired whether she had a plan to overcome this situation. Although she was really depressed she showed showed me her mature, logical side and shared with me her plan to cope with the situation and added that her passion was to travel. “Her plan was good but not great” and had a lot of shortcomings.

She was planning to quit her job and go abroad and start over again from scratch. I told her that if you are planning on starting over then it would make a great difference if you would start something new which was in compliance with your passion to travel and then and only then will you be able to achieve true happiness. I also told her that the first few months after break up is the worst and that any decision made during this time will turn out to be a disaster in the future.

I consoled her and said, what ever the Problem is we can solve it and quoted a Persian poet “this too is a phase and it shall pass”. She was still not quite sure what she wanted to do so I told her to take her own time and clearly think about the situation and then act.

All the while we were talking she was making sand castles with her hand and looked down at her hand and it was indicating that she was not sure about her decisions. But I ensure her that with her level of experience and open outlook to life she was someone with huge hidden potential which was just waiting to burst out. So live your life for yourself and not for others, like your cheating ass of a boyfriend and certainly not for a crappy job that you don’t like.

Be yourself and be happy, when I said that i could see her eyes getting filled with tears and suddenly it happened, a small smile came to her delicate lips, I felt really happy and it was the best part of my day. It felt so amazing inside my mind that i am unable to express it through words. From there we talked some more and I made her promise to read my blog(lol that’s me marketing) from there we laughed a lot saying random jokes and got to know each other better.

And when we checked the time it was almost 7:30 and we didn’t even notice that so much time had passed. Then we said our goodbyes and parted ways, but before that we shook hands and I felt a powerful wave of confidence in her grip. She also wished me luck on my endeavours and slowly walked away.

I sat there in the sand watching her leave and all I could think of was that our world is filled up of people with huge potential and it is being wasted for no reason in trivial problems and an ordinary life. Well its time to wake them all up, its time to start living your life to its full potential and to start following your passion.

Thank you for reading friends. This is me Karthik Surya signing out and to all those who have read this completely please  give me your feed backs so that I can keep improving. This is a journey that we are gonna take together.


11 thoughts on “By The Ocean She Sat Alone And Wept#Day 1

  1. Great karthik.. hats off to your practice, motivation and courage. but i really want to know how you made her talk to you and share her personal life with u ( stranger).

    1. Thank You so much Priya. Ill definitely write an article soon about the techniques that I used for doing that.

  2. Awesome….I could hear ur voice (the way u used to motivate me) while reading the blog… looking forward to such motivational readings everyday.

    1. Thank you so much jyoti. your support means alot. And yes i’ll keep trying to write better articles.

  3. Nice work Karthik….language is so simple that make every one feel comfortable in reading it.

  4. Maybe the fate wanted you to guide through her bad time…who knows where she is now what she might be doing, but the smile that walked through her lips because of you; will never erase you from her memory…great blogging bro :-)!!!

    1. Thank you brother for the genuine feedback and you are right,
      fate did play a big role that day.

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